Handmade, with Cricut

Unleashing your creativity is easier than ever with our Cricut smart cutting machines. Whether you are an experienced creative hobbyist or someone with creative urges, your possibilities are endless. Cards, personalized T-shirts, stickers or labels, everything can be done with your Cricut.

Smart cutting machines?

Cricut cutting machines allow you to create projects that will surprise everyone. It's really very easy:



You can create your own project through the Design Space app or choose from thousands of ready-to-create projects.



You then decide which material you want to use for this project (paper, leather, vinyl, fabric or flex) and load it into the cutting machine.



Here you go. Depending on the Cricut cutting machine you choose, you can cut, write, fold, engrave and much more. No detail is too detailed!

Customize T-shirts

Cut out a design with your Cricut machine, then use the Cricut EasyPress to transfer it to your T-shirt . You can use iron-on (heat transfer vinyl) or the Infusible Ink range which - by the process of sublimation - is integrated into the fibers to become one with your T-shirt . For clear, lasting results.

Create unique cards
for all occasions

No more last minute card purchases for a birth, a birthday or a wedding. With Cricut, you can now create your own cards. The machine cuts and writes for you. In less than 15 minutes, you have a unique and dedicated card for every occasion.

Make stickers and labels

Create your own stickers and labels with Cricut, in minutes. First print your design with a printer and then cut it out in detail with your Cricut machine. Or let Cricut write and cut the label to your choice of patterns and fonts from Design Space.

Your sewing projects made easy

The Cricut Maker cuts sewing patterns with precision. It does the preparatory work for all your creative sewing projects like plush toys, quilts, baby clothes, bags, and more. Put down your scissors, and let the machine cut for you!

Endless Fun

You can do so much more with Cricut. Use different materials such as vinyl, fabric, leather, wood, ... and create your own wall decoration, stencils, 3D designs, jewelry or leather accessories and much more.

The possibilities
are endless...
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