Your next creative project starts here

DIY (Do It Yourself, in other words) or creative hobbies are no longer areas reserved for experienced designers, but a new way to decorate, personalize, customize and give unique gifts. But what exactly is behind this trend? A simple cutting machine.

A hobby cutting machine is similar to using a printer - but while the printer prints the data you specify, the cutting machine transfers the lines and curves of a pattern or project to a material by cutting or drawing them.

This smart machine is controlled via a dedicated application on a computer, tablet or smartphone. During the creation process, the cutting mat is moved back and forth in the machine, with the various tools and blades moving from right to left on the other axis.

Unique creations are made using different materials, tools, designs and of course, the cutting machine.

DIY is trending

In recent years, cutting vinyl with a machine has become increasingly popular within the growing DIY and hobby community. Because cutting machines are becoming indispensable: creating individual projects with a unique character from your own ideas is an inspiration that interests many creative people. And a smart cutting machine can do much more than just cut.

Depending on the model, our machines are capable of scoring, drawing, embossing and engraving using interchangeable tools. They are also capable of cutting a large number of materials - paper, iron-on, vinyl, leather and even fine wood. A cutting machine is the ideal assistant for all your creative hobbies such as sewing, scrapbooking or DIY, as well as simple projects such as greeting cards or stickers. In just a few steps, you can upcycle and customise clothes, furniture or accessories for that unique and special look, just for you or those you love.

Where to start?

The cutting machine

First of all, you need to define what you want to create with your cutting machine. Are these mainly DIY projects or would you like to embellish your clothes? Up to what size can the cutting machine create projects? Appearance, quality and ease of use are important factors in your decision, as wel as its size so it doesn't take up too much space or so it can be taken wherever you want to create.

Integrated software

It is the heart of the creative process and must support your creativity and always offer new inspiration. For example, access to a large library where you can find images, fonts and projects ready to be created. So you can start right away! Namely: a fast, intuitive and precise use for a fun and easy design.

If you enjoy drawing, you should also check that you can upload your own creations from other design software.


Learn about the range of materials compatible with our cutting machines. Some models can also cut leather and wood, others cut the most popular thinner materials, such as paper, vinyl, heat-transfer vinyl (iron-on). It's easy to select different options to take your ideas and creative projects to the next level.


Make sure your machine is compatible with your computer, tablet or smartphone and can be connected via USB cable and Bluetooth. This way, you can create and successfully implement your designs - quickly and easily.

The budget

Price also plays an important role in the purchase decision. Therefore, carefully check the accessories that the cutting machine already has and the tools you need to create. Think of all the projects you would like to create. If you're always tempted to try new things and keep up with current DIY trends, you'll need the right creative tools.

A helpful community

Nothing works in the DIY and creative hobby without its community. You will find help, sharing, and inspiration for all your projects, as well as continuous learning. Online workshops or Facebook groups provide a great opportunity to share your ideas with others and get advice for any project or creative idea. Good customer service is also crucial and should always be accessible if you have any questions about your machine.

Go for it!

Ready to choose your machine? Or still need more information? The site offers a complete comparison of the different machine models and helps you choose the right tools and materials. If you have what it takes, you just need to start creating!

The smart cutting machine amplifies your creative potential and takes care of the finishing and details. Creating has a calming effect and allows you to disconnect from everyday life. Try different materials and create your own designs - transform your furniture or a simple T-shirt into unique pieces with which you can bring joy to other or yourself.

So which machine is right for you?